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Disrespectful to Billie ! :( I'm annoyed!

I'm really annoyed at this guy for doing this! I think we should all tell him, what we think!

Though I am very happy to have found a section in my flickr account to turn the safesearch content filter to off to find photos of cum on  photographs but I am unhappy to find this guy hitman80804. Who wanks on Billie Pipers face more than once. Never have I seen such disrespect for someone so great. I’d find the guy amazing but then seeing Billies face just hurts. Wonder what she would say if she seen it. I added the guy anyway and if he posts one more Billie wanked on picture I’ll be giving him abuse or try to get him banned or something. Actually I may grass him up tomorrow thought its probably allowed on flickr.

But I’m happy to find wank on photograph pictures on flickr I find them amazing. Though Billie ones aren’t fun. Now I must go to sleep for another long day of waiting for my fucking bike to arrive. Hope I don’t have nightmares about Billies face covered in cum.

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